Our Team

Mercedes Reyes
Senior Operation Manager
California, Georgia and Ohio

Juan VargasĀ  Vargas@universalinspect.com
Operations support and Certified Home inspector
Three years construction background

Blake Jones blake@univrsalinspect.com
Operations Analyst
Analyzing management and organization practices.
Seek out deficiencies within the business model of employees and develop new best practices,
ensuring greater firm-wide profitability.

Brandon McClain brandon@universalinspect.com
Certified Home Inspector for 9 years
Contractor for 10 years.

Artura Aranda art@universalinspect.com
Home Inspector with an extensive Home Inspection
and Appraisal background for over 12 years

Davi Herrera davi@universalinspect.com
California Home Inspector for 5 years
Commercial Industrial Real Estate Sales for 15 years
Mortgage Account Executive for 6 years

Robert Saunders robert@universalinspect.com
California Certified Building Inspector for 35 years
Union Carpenter for 15 years

Dan Collier dan@universalinspect.com
Texas Licensed, Insured and Certified Inspector
Home Inspector for 7 years
Construction for 12 years

Chase Alexander chase@universalinspect.com
California Inspector/Architectural for 8 years
Safety Compliance Inspector for 14 years

Barrington Sheffield barrington@universalinspect.com
Georgia Certified Home Inspector for 6 years
Construction/Field Engineer for 10 years

Rodney Love rod@universalinspect.com
Sales and Marketing Specialist.

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